Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Queries in Dynamics SL 2011 - 10 Operating tips


Quick Query is an ad-hoc tool used to query Dynamics SL Database allowing the user to retrieve data very easily and effectively. It allows user to view, filter and sort or remove the columns and exporting the resulting data into Excel without a need of developing Custom reports.

This post is an effort to jot down the various operating steps with the Quick Queries in SL 2011, the smartest ERP of Solomon kind. 

Before getting in detail, let us walk through few terminologies.

Base Query View 
SQL view applied to display the result set in Quick Query.

Filtered Query View
Base query view with filters, sorting and column specifications [hiding, order, naming].

Drill-Down Program
It allows opening the SL application Screen from the base Query view result set to view / Update the relevant records

1. Enter the value in the text box to be searched and select the corresponding column name from the drop down for Record filter abilities.

         2.  Add any additional Custom filters to the quick query view as per the need.

                 a. Click the Expand button (in Red)
                 b. Click Add Filter.
                 c.  Enter the additional filter clauses ( in black)

           3.  Choose/Rename/remove columns. Also we can add a new column in the result set.

                    Right Click the column header a list appears on the right side.

                  a.  Add/Remove Columns using Choose Columns. 

                b.  Rename the column 

             c.  Remove the unwanted Columns.

   4.  The base query view can be sorted in ascending/ descending based on any column by 
         clicking the arrow icon in each column header.

    5.  The result set can be exported as an Excel document with columns names and filters  

    6.  Click Generate SSRS Report icon, it will get create SSRS report using this particular 
           result set which can be viewed in the browser. Report Server is the need for this SSRS 

    7.  Right Click the selected column and click Copy Rows if user wants to copy the specific 
         line of the Result set. These rows can be copied over to Excel for data manipulations.

          8.  View & Update the specific record of the Drill down SL program from Quick Query 
                View. Right click the record in the Quick Query to view the relevant SL screens.

                  a.  The screens should be selected during base query view creation along with the
                  b.  We can include the maximum of 5 screens to be listed. 
                  c.  Each screen can be allowed for the max of 3 parameters.

        9.  Control the number of records to be displayed in the Quick Query using the Paging 
             feature.The setting to turn on Paging in the Solomon INI file is below

                [Quick Query]

        10.  The following steps to be followed to delete the existing filtered query view.
                   a.  Open the Base Query View to which the Filtered Query View belongs.
                   b.  Using View Selection to select the Filtered Query View which is placed under 
                        the menu button  
                   c.  Click Delete.
                   d.  Click yes to confirm the deletion

           Long post.Hope this post helps!!

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