Friday, March 22, 2013

Dynamics SL 2011 Upgrade blues & fixes - 1

Just to give a little preface of the situation that we faced during the SL 2011 upgrade. Few client machines also has been upgraded to Windows 7 OS.

The below error message pops up in the Client machines on the standard SL screen with additional customisations added. These customisations were working in the test server during the UAT. On click of OK button, everything seems to be working  but the message is annoying.  
Even the usual SL magic of  closing SL client and reopen not works.

      1.  Log off from Microsoft Dynamics SL.
      2.  Locate the Solomon.ini file in SL Root Directory
      3.  Open the file using Notepad.

      4.  Add the below lines  in solomon.ini file

                           VBASourceCompile = Yes

      5.  Click Save, and then close Notepad.
      6.  Restart Dynamics SL on the 64-bit server system and the customizations should work without errors.

           Hope this helps!!

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