Monday, March 18, 2013

Apply Languages Settings for Custom Entities and its Fields in MSCRM:

Although CRM support multiple languages, the Language pack covers translation for standard entities and standard attributes.

In order to convert Custom Entity Labels and Fields as per user’s language setting, the following procedures are followed:
1.       Export Translation.

2.       Update the CRM Translations sheet for the installed language packs.

3.       Import and Publish the Translation.

Let us consider a custom entity named “Language Settings” with following fields for this example:
      ·         Opportunity name
·         Potential customer
·         Are you sure you want to Delete?

Export Translation:

Create a solution to include the custom entity and export the same using “Export Translation” options which is available in CRM2011.

Opening Crm Translations excel sheet downloaded from CRM. Each Language installed in CRM will have a column with it Language code as Header. Here 1033 is Locale ID for English and 1036 is Locale ID French. For complete set of language code refer link. You will find the values filled only for the Default Language 1033 and for 1036 the values are empty.

Update the CRM Translations:

Fill the translated labels for the corresponding fields as per 1036 Locale Id (French) for the custom field and other message for this custom entity.

Import and Publish the Translation.

Updated and Import the Crm Translations solution into MS Dynamics CRM by clicking Import Translations button as below.

Finally publish the customization.

Now you will be able to see the fields in custom entity displaying as per User Language setting (here 1036 French)

Hope this was helpful. Stay Tuned for displaying Labels and Messages as per user language settings for Custom built Pages (HTML web resource or aspx pages).

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