Friday, March 22, 2013

How to modify existing word template in GP???

 Microsoft Dynamics GP has lot of predefined word template reports and also there is a way to modify the predefined reports as per the user requirement.

Here are the steps to modify word template report and how to activate in Dynamics GP:

1.        In Dynamics GP, open the Report Template Maintenance window.

ReportsàTemplate Maintenance.

2.        Click Report Name and select More Reports option from the drop down.

3.        Select the desired report to modify.

4.        Click the New button to open New Template window.

5.        In New Template window, select From Existing Template option.

6.        Select the original template from Templates pane.

7.      Enter New Template Name (i.e. Make sure the New Template Name should not be same as original template name).

8.       Click Create button.

9.       In the Report Template Maintenance window, select the template created using step 7 & 8.

10.     Click the Modify button.

11.     Now, template opens in MS Word.

12.     Do the modification as per the requirements and save the template in local system with same template name.

13.     Go back to Report Template Maintenance window.

14.     Select the modified template and click the (+) symbol to select modified template file.

15.     Click Yes to replace the template.

The below step is important to print your modified template.

16.     Company assignment and Set default option to the modified template.

a.        In Report Template Maintenance window, select the modified template.
b.        Click the Assign button à Company à Mark the desired Company à Click Set Default à Select the modified template.

Hope this helps!!! 

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