Friday, May 24, 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts in Dynamics NAV 2009 Versions

Many of us are fond of using Keyboards instead of mouse. The keyboard shortcuts not only helps us work faster but also more efficient.

This article will help us in using keyboard shortcuts in Dynamics NAV 2009 Versions. Most of us must be familiar with some shortcuts that are already given in the help documents or manuals.

Note: For those who are not too familiar with the standard shortcuts in NAV you can get it downloaded as a document by clicking here

The shortcuts that are listed below will not available in the standard Help document. We found these links very much helpful and sharing it across so that you can be benefited
Classic Environment Action

Ctrl+ Page Down
Navigating to the next tab in the Card Form
Ctrl+ Page UP
Navigating to the Previous tab in the Card Form
Toggle Marking the Particular object in the object designer. ( The same can also be applied in the NAV 2013 Development Environment)
Display /Hide the Navigation Pane in the Classic Client( NAV 2009 or previous)
Open the Navigation Pane designer
Navigate to the modules in the Navigation pane.
Ex: Ctrl+0 -> Shortcuts, Ctrl+1 -> Financial, etc..
Alt+ Space bar+ Right Arrow+ X
Maximize the Window in Classic Environment
Alt+ Space bar +Right Arrow+ n
Minimize the Window in Classic Environment
Ctrl+ Tab
Switch among open windows in Classic Environment

Keep using shortcuts!!!

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