Friday, May 31, 2013

Crystal report print Engine Errors in Dynamics SL

We got one requirement to Export report into PDF format while Printing the  invoice under Flexible Billing. We did some customization in the Invoice Print screen for the PDF Export Functionality. Also we faced several issues during the implementation in Production server. Here are the workarounds to rectify the below issues.
Crystal report print engine: 544 Access to reports denied. Another program may be using it.

This below error has been shown during the PDF Export into specified share folder.


Ensure the SHARE and NTFS permissions to the mapped folder for the current user.

Crystal report print engine Error: 999 – Operation not yet implemented.


1.   To make ensure if there are custom tables without proper access rights and give proper rights to SL Users.
2.   Fonts used in the report not supported by the system and Sub reports may be causing the problem.
Cannot start print job and Crystal Print Engine Error 567
When we try to print a report in Microsoft Dynamics SL you receive the following error messages.

Error Message 1

Crystal reports Helper Application for Solomon IV
Cannot start print job.
Report: <C:\sol\Solomon\Usr_Rpts\<XXXXX>.RPT

Error Message 2

Crystal Print Engine Error 567 – Error in File <C:\sol\Solomon\Usr_Rpts\<XXXXX>.RPT>; Page header or footer longer than a page.

To resolve this problem, use either of the following resolutions.

  • Renaming the customized reports in \USR_RPTS. This forces the standard report to be run from the module directory. If the problem still continues to occur, use the following steps.
  • If there is a backup of the report file (Xxxx.rpt), restore the file from the backup.
  • Log off the workstation and then log back on. Make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to print.

Hope this post will be helpful for solving Crystal report issues with Microsoft Dynamics SL.

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