Friday, May 31, 2013

Creating New Entity for Outlook Synchronization in Dynamics NAV

          This article assumes that the user already had hands on experience on the outlook synchronization with the standard entities in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Consider a scenario of creating an entity for the customer table. Likewise you can create any table as an entity from the Dynamics NAV db.

Steps to be followed:

1.       In the Navigation pane, go to AdministrationàApplication setupàMicrosoft Outlook Integration.
2.       Select Outlook synch. Entities.
3.       Press F3 to insert a new entity. Enter the code as “CUST” also you can specify the Description as Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customer.
4.       Choose “Table No” as 18. The Table Name will appear automatically
5.       Now in the Outlook Item, Press F6 and choose Contact Item.
      Note: Consider creating a customer in the contact format in the outlook.

6.       Link the customer table field with the corresponding outlook property of the contact item.
7.       Select the Synch.Entity menu item and choose Fields. Now outlook Fields window open for you.
8.       Link the field with the corresponding outlook property like the image below           

9.       The Salespersoncode is the user-defined. So the outlook property needs to be typed manually

                I have synchronized the customer based on the salesperson code. For example, the customer who           are all having Salesperson code =RS needs to be filter.

10.   Press Escape and get out of the window.
11.   Your New Entity is ready to work now.
12.   In the Navigation pane à go to outlook Synch. User Setup which is next to Outlook Synch. Entity
13.   Here you need to create a new setup for the Customer.
                 a.       Select the User ID
                 b.      Synch. Entity Code as CUST.
                 c.       The condition as Salesperson code=CONST(RS).
14.   Before proceeding further, you can check once whether we have assigned any customer as salesperson code RS. Now your screen will look like below.

Settings in Outlook:

1.       Click settings
2.       Now in the Connection tab. Click Test Connection for the changes will be refreshed in the settings.
3.       Now in the Folders Tab we can able to see the New Empty Text box for selecting the folder for the new entity (“Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customer”).
4.       Click browse and select any newly created contact folder. It won’t allow you to select any other folder. Since in the Navision we have configured to the Contact Item only.
5.       If you need Filters you can also apply.
6.       Click Apply and then Ok.
7.       Now Click Full synchronization.
8.       The details of the customer who is having the Salesperson code as RS will be displayed.

Keep creating more entities....

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