Friday, May 24, 2013

How to customize module area page in GP2013

In previous versions of GP doesn't have the option to customize the contents in module area page. Also containers/Sections are fixed.

i.e. sales module area page in GP2010

In GP2013, it has a feature to customize the module area page by using Customize this Page option.

i.e. sales module area page in GP (current version-2013)

To customize the module area page,
1. Click Customize this page link.
2. It opens Customize Area Page window.
3. Select require options by clicking the check boxes.

4. Based on the options selected in the window, module area page gets reflected as shown below.

Below are few new features in the module page area.

1. Users can simply drag and set the containers in the module page area as they need.
2. Each Containers/sections (Setup, Cards, etc.,) has maximize and minimize options.

Hope this helps!!!

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