Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exploiting the Cross Browser Support

With the release of the UR 12 Service Update, your CRM organization will support multiple browsers. This could be problematic for your organization if you have custom JavaScript that isn’t cross-browser yet.  Once the managed solution is installed it will automatically block any user from accessing the organization with a browser other than IE browser. This solution is very easy to use and configure as I have mentioned out below.

Click here to download the solution.
Next, install the managed solution you downloaded above into your CRM organization. 
Step1: Go to Settings –> Solutions –> Import –> Browse to and follow the wizard.
After the solution has finished installing.
Step2: Go back to Settings –> Customization –> Click Customize the System

Step3: Now click on Web Resources on the left and find the HTML web resource named Organization Browser Support Message.
Double-click the Organization Browser Support Message resource to open it.  You will be presented with the dialog below.  Edit the highlighted tokens to change the Organization Name and Administrator Name to the respective values for your CRM organization.

Step4: If you have users (such as any developers) that will need to access your CRM organization in a browser other than IE, you can open up their User record in CRM and give them the “Any Browser Allowed” security role.  This will enable that user to browse to your CRM organization using any supported browser.

Hope this will be helpful!

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