Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dynamic SL-2011 – Favorites Issue and the way to handle


Dynamic SL-2011 FP1 is having plenty of features in it. We would like to share the specific feature about Add URL to favorites based on our last implementation experience. This feature is used to add external links/ web page URLs into SL. We have developed some custom BA (Business Analyzer) & SSRS for one of our client. We have successfully configured and hosted those custom reports in to SL Report server. 

As per our client needs, we have tried to add the SSRS report URLs in to SL – through Favorites menu based on the user’s role. By that time system has considered only 125 characters from our URL path. Finally we got an invalid report path error during report execution through Solomon Favorites menu because our URL paths were more than 125 characters.


We handled this issue in the following manner.

  •  Developed simple HTML files for each SL user’s role.
  • Include the hyperlink option to access the Custom & Standard SSRS report URL’s Path
  • Host the newly created HTML files in to Report Server and make those HTML URL paths less than 125 characters.

Hope this will help for those who configure/host the SSRS reports in to SL Report server. 

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