Thursday, June 6, 2013

Synchronize MS CRM 2011 Reports with Report Server

Many of you have wondered about missing the out of box reports after installing MS CRM 2011 and SSRS connector or while you reconstructed the environment after a crash. Probably you might have unknowingly deleted the CRM OOB reports in CRM or Report Manager.

Don’t worry about this; as these OOB reports can be brought back anytime into CRM with the provision or tool provided by MS. You can manually synchronize the reports using the Tools available PublishReports.exe in \Program Files\Microsoft CRM\Tools folder on CRM server.

Run this in the command prompt:
Syntax – PublishReports.exe  <OrganizationName>>

Once this completed you can see the OOB Reports back in MS CRM 2011.

Hope this is helpful!!

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