Friday, June 21, 2013

Enable Company Selection Tab in ROI – Dynamics SL 6.5

A simple post this week explaining the way to enable multi-company option in SL 6.5!

The company selection is applicable for multi-company databases. In Dynamics SL 6.5, the company selection can be achieved only through the SL setups & Report Customizations whereas the same can be achieved in Dynamics SL 7 & 2011 without any setups & report changes.

Given below are the simple steps to enable the Company selection tab in Report ROI of Dynamics SL 6.5.

Step 1: Enable multi-company selection for the custom report.
·         On the Utility menu, click Report Control Maintenance.
·         In the Report Number Field, type the Custom report number, and then click Control Options.
·         Click to select the Multi-Company Selection Allowed check box, and then click OK.
·         Click Save, and then close the Report Control Maintenance (98.300.00) screen.

Step 2: Create links in your custom report to enable the access to company-specific data.
·         Open the SL report with multi company compatibility.
·         On the Database menu, click Database Expert.
·         In the Database Expert dialog box, locate the Available Data Sources section, and then expand Current Connections.
·         Expand the appropriate Microsoft Solomon application database, expand the second instance of this application database, and then expand Tables.
·         Click RptCompany, and then click the Add arrow to add the RptCompany table to the Selected Tables section.
·         Click the Links tab.
·         Smart Linking automatically creates links between the RptCompany table and the existing tables in the CpnyID field.
·         If the links are incorrect, click Clear Links. Then, manually create the links.
·         Click OK.

Step 3: Add the RI_ID formula to the report.
·         On the Report menu, click Select Expert.
·         In the Choose Field dialog box, click RI_ID, and then click OK.
·         In the Select Expert dialog box, click the RptCompany. RI_ID tab, and then click formula in the list that appears.
·         In the formula box, type the following:
{RptCompany.RI_ID} = tonumber (RIPARAM ("RI_ID"))
·         Click OK.
·         Click Save, and then close Crystal Reports. And then run the report through Solomon. 

Hope this post is helpful!!!

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