Friday, June 14, 2013

Dynamics GP – Not able to change the user password

One of our customer reported that they cannot change their user’s password and got the below error message.

“The creation of login failed for an unknown reason. Contact your SQL Server administrator for assistance.”


We have analyzed and found the cause of the issue as follows,

The user (Demo User) does not have a corresponding SQL login.

However, the user is present in the GP (TWO) company database and the DYNAMICS database.

To resolve this issue, User ID needs to be re-created. Follow the below steps to recreate the issue:
1. Note down the tasks, roles, company access assigned for the particular user.
2. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GPàToolsàSetupàSystemàUser.
3. Delete the particular user.
4. Make sure that the particular user is deleted from GP (TWO) company database and DYNAMICS database in the SQL Server.
5. Now, recreate the user with the same User ID and assign the corresponding roles and tasks.

Hope this helps!!!

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