Friday, June 14, 2013

How to recreate X12 810 invoices in Dynamics SL 7.0 FP1?

There were few Customer instances where the outbound 810 files sent from Dynamics SL to the trading partner got rejected due to the missing or incorrect data. The user may need to correct the data and want to send the X12 810 files again.  While we explored and identified the way to do this in Dynamics SL 7.0 FP1, we thought of adding in our blog to help other EDI users. 

Recreate Outbound EDI Transactions (44.030.00): 

With this screen, the user can recreate the outbound files such as Invoices, Purchase orders, Shippers and Purchase Order Acknowledgements and can send to the trading partner.
This screen allows the user to specify selection criteria and selectively choose the records to be resent for each of the outbound transaction types. This process will reset the transactions selected so that the next time if the outbound process for the transaction type runs, data will be written to the outbound Common File Interface.

Following are the steps to recreate the Outbound invoice
·         Enter the Customer id in Search Criteria. If you are sure about the other filtering criteria like Invoice # and Date, enter the values in the respective fields.
·         Click  “Refresh” button  and system will load all the outbound invoices that were sent already. The 810 data to be sent newly to the trading partner won't be displayed in this screen.
·         Select the Outbound invoice using “Selected” check box.
·         Click “Begin processing” button to recreate the outbound files.
Create Outbound EDI Invoices (44.402.00)
Once the Outbound EDI Invoice selection has been completed, the user need to open the Create Outbound EDI Invoices (44.402.00) under E-Commerce Gateway module in Dynamics SL.

Click “Begin processing” button. 

This screen will send all the new EDI invoices to VAN/FTP. This screen will also identify the invoices selected in the Recreate Outbound EDI Transactions screen and resend those as the outbound 810 X12 files.

Hope this post is helpful!

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