Friday, August 23, 2013

Report ROI has stopped working in Dynamics SL

We often got the ROI has stopped working issue during click of print preview button in all Reports. We tried different ways to resolve the problem in our local environment. Finally we found the exact solution to this issue. We thought of sharing this issue with all Dynamics SL users. 

 We got this error when tried to click the print preview button in all Report ROI.
 Environment: Dynamics SL 2011 FP1
 System type: 32 bit OS windows 7

Cause 1:
  • An invalid printer specified in Microsoft Dynamics SL Printer Options.
  • In a Terminal Server or Citrix environment, every time that you log on, the name of the printer may change slightly.

  1. Open Printer Options (98.220.00) and specify a valid printer / Use Windows Default printer.

Cause 2:
  • The DLL file “u2lsol4.dll” may missing in \WRKSTN\Windows\Crystal under SL  root folder

  • Browse the “u2lsol4.dll” file under the SL installation files and place it in to the above mentioned path.
  • Register the above DLL 

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