Friday, August 30, 2013

Attachments Configuration in Dynamics SL 2011

In the prior versions of Dynamic SL till SL 7.0, there is always a need to preserve the soft copy of the document pertaining to the transaction. This has been addressed in the latest 2011 versions through the document attachment feature.

1.  Attach scanned copies of invoices from vendor to the voucher in the Voucher & adjustment screen.
2.  Use it to attach a spreadsheet that you used to calculate the estimation of project in Dynamics.
3.  Use it to attach copies of Signed Contracts to the project in project maintenance.
4.  Multiple source document files can be attached.

It takes a little bit of set up to get to work, but once it is setup, it is very handy.

Attachments Configuration:

The source document files can be maintained from the SharePoint site or Network folder. If the source documents are detached, the files won’t be deleted from the external location.

Source document files can be attached to data items by using the attachments option on the Notes/Attachments icon on data entry screens.

The attachments should be configured in the Attachments Configuration screen of Dynamics SL and given below are the various routes.

Open SL 2011 --> Administration --> Maintenance --> Attachments Configuration (98.400.00)

Upload Destinations Area

             a.  Existing Folder Location:

Select Existing Folder Location to store source document files on a network folder.

Click Browse button and select the path of the network folder. The path selected appears in UNC. Specify the full path of the network folder.

This option is not available if you selectUse Doc Share settings” or “Existing SharePoint Document Library” option.

b.   Existing SharePoint Document Library:

Select Existing SharePoint Document Library to store source document files on a SharePoint document library. Specify the Internet address of the SharePoint document library in URL.
This option is not available if you select Use Doc Share Settings or Existing Folder Locationoption.

c.   Use Doc Share Settings: is another option. This is still under investigation and will come up with the proper configuration steps in the next SL post.

Hope this blog will be helpful to understand the concept of attachment configuration. 

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