Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Period Locking in Dynamics SL 2011 FP1

    The current business process of the client demands posting entries from different modules of SL to the 
      closed periods. This in turn allows the users posting transactions to the wrong post periods creating lot 
      of financial issues.

  • Lock/unlock the post periods
  • Period range input to allow posting to closed periods
  • Override the period locks by the authorized users
  • Enforce the locks module wise in SL

SL 2011 FP1 - Hard Close functionality
      Standard Hard Close functionality of Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 is having the locking mechanism for the
      closed periods both module wise and user wise (if the users are part of the admin group) but the user
      can’t lock/unlock the given closed period. We developed an Add on to overcome this limitation and the
      summary is below.

Period Lock Setup
  The Setup screen will be designed as below and will be given access to the Financial head.
  1. Select the Modules to allow the posting to closed periods. 
  2. Select the From  & To period to allow the posting to closed periods.
  3. Select the Group to allow the posting to closed periods. The corresponding users should be assigned under each group which can be done using the Group Maintenance of in Dynamics SL 2011.

     4.  As per the above setup, the posting can be allowed to the users under the group “GL POSTING
          USER” to the period 01-2013 in GL module, provided 01 -2013 is already closed in GL.
     5.  This locking mechanism will not have any impact on the unclosed periods.       

GL Setup – Posting Options

  1. The Allow Posting to closed fiscal periods for all Modules needs to be checked for our customization to work. This will allow the users to post the transactions to the closed periods.
  2. Our Customization's in each transaction screen (listed below) to determine if the period post entered is valid or not. If not, the user will be informed with the message box saying “You are not authorized to enter the period to post” and the user need to enter the correct period.

Enforcing locks through Transaction screens 
   Given below are the screens with period locking customization's in the GL module alone where the
    customization's in the screens of AR, AP, IN, CA & PO modules to be installed which comes along with
    the  Add on.
Journal Transactions
Generate Consolidation
Read Consolidation
Generate Allocations

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