Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Editing 1099 Vendor’s Transaction Information in GP2013

In GP2013, a new feature has been added to correct the 1099 transaction information. In this new feature, user can track and modify 1099 amounts or change 1099 tax types easily. Once the changes are done the transactions are updated in the Open and History tables.

Steps to Edit 1099 Transaction Details:
1. Go to Transactions  à  Purchasing  à  Edit 1099 Transaction Information to open Edit 1099 Transaction Information window.

2. Enter 1099 Vendor to display the list of vendor transactions.

3. From the displayed list, user can change the Tax type to Interest or Miscellaneous or Dividend and change the 1099 Amount, if required. Once the changes are done, click Process button to reflect the changes in open and historical transactions.

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