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Management Reporter for Dynamics SL


Management Reporter(MR) is a real-time financial reporting application designed to empower information workers too quickly and easily create, generate, secure, and publish financial statements, such as Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, balance sheets, Trial balance and Income statement

Why Customers Are Moving to MR

Though FRx is already an effective Management Reporting tool, there are lot of advantages of using MR than FRx that are listed below. 
  • MR is much easier to support since it is much more current technology.  The look and feel of the software is very similar to other Microsoft products which should be easy for the user to learn and use.
  • Report Server in MR is useful to publish your reports to a web server and all users can view, print and Export to Excel.
  • The underlying Database in MR is SQL Server, the best database solution from Microsoft providing the enhanced stability to the solutions where FRx is using Access as the database. 
  • MR allows for “undo” when you make a mistake editing a row, column, or tree. The error correction is not easy in FRx compared to MR.
  • MR publishes reports to SharePoint in a seamless manner and with less effort once MR is configured which is not possible with FRx. 
  • Stress key numbers to highlight the numbers which is in negative and turns those numbers into red which is a key feature with MR.
  • Personalized reports as per the company standards to include the Logos & Graphs is a feature of MR.

Key Features

  1.  Easy creation and customization
  2. Advanced financial intelligence
  3. Multiple ways to access reports

Client Workstation Requirements


Step's for Installing MR Version - 2.1

Server Installation

  1.  Run the  setup
  2. Check the check box ( I accept the terms in the  license agreement)
  3. Click Next
  4. Browse your path (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\)
  5. Click Next , Click Install
  6. Check the Check box ( Start the configuration console to continue)
  7. Click Finish
  8. Check the Check box ( Add Microsoft dynamic SL)

     9.  Click Next

Service Account

        You must specify the account under which the services will run.  In my example, I simply used 
        my own domain account, although you may prefer to use a different account.  If you enter a
        specific account, you will have to provide the password for that domain account.

Database Configuration

       Enter the name of SQL Server database server on which the MR Database will be created, 
       then enter credentials that can be used to create the database. The specified user must be a 
       member of the sys-admin role on the SQL Server.

Application service

         The Management Reporter application service will be configured to use the following port.
          Leave the default port or type a new port.

Microsoft Dynamic SL

          Enter the name of SQL database server, and then enter SQL (or) Windows credentials. 
          Database automatically listed.

    10.  Click Next
    11.  Click Configure

    12.  When the data provider is successfully configured, click Close 

    13.  Start menu -> Click (configuration console)
    14.  Select your database, click import.

    15.  Enter your login credentials , Click ok
    16.  If you don't want the companies that are showing in the screen just check skip Check box.

                       Click Import companies, a message box will pop up , click ok then closes.

Client Installation

  1. Run the  setup 
  2. Check the check box ( I accept the terms in the  license agreement)
  3. Click Next
  4. Browse your path (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\)
  5. Enter Server name: port (http://solomon-2011:4712)
  6. Click Next , Click Install
  7. Click Finish
  8. Start menu -> Click (Report Designer)  -> Click Yes
  9. Choose the  company , click Set As Default

Note: If you use SQL authentication, uncheck the Windows authentication check box, specify the Microsoft    
          Dynamics SL user name and password

     10.  Enter your login credentials , Click ok

Creating a new report using Report Wizard

    Given below are the procedures to create a new report by using the Report Wizard:
  •  On the Tools menu, click Report Wizard
                     Click Report Wizard icon.
  • On the Getting Started page, do the following:
            -->  In the Report Template list following

                     1.  Balance Sheets – current and YTD
                     2.  Income Statements – Rolling Quarter
                     3.  Income Statements – Actual vs. Budget
                     4.  Monthly Trial Balance
                                 Click any one of the radio button. 

              -->  Actual book code list, Select a choice.
              -->  Click Next.

  • On the Define Your Report Sections page, do the following:
                     1.  In the Report section list, click a section of the report.
                     2.  Select one or more segment values, and then click Add.
                     3.  Click Next
                     4.  On the Reorder and Edit Your Report Sections page, click next.
                     5.  On the Format and Preview Your Report page, click next.
                     6.  On the Choose Your Report Structure page, select Create one report for the entire 
                          entity, and then click next.

  • On the Name and Generate Your Report page, do the following:
                     1.  In the Name box, type a name for your report.
                     2.  Select the Generate this report after the wizard closes check box.
                     3.  In the Period box, choose the period.
                     4.  In the Year box, choose the Year.
                             The report date changes to reflect the specified period and year.
                     5.  Click Next
                     6.  On the Completing the Report Wizard page, review the report
                             Definition settings, and then click Finish
                     7.  Click Ok
                     8.  Click Generate
                     9.  A sample Report will appear within few moments.

 Long post.Hope this post helps!!

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